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Add to OneDrive in Outlook Online?

Those of you using Office 365 business plans and working with OneDrive and Office Online may have noticed a slight problem.  You cannot save an attachment from Outlook Online directly to OneDrive.  However, you can attach a file stored in OneDrive to an Outlook email.  Obviously this should work both ways.

Now you could save the attachment in Outlook Online to your computer and then upload it to OneDrive but that’s a few extra steps.  We do see some hope that this feature could be coming soon though.  It’s available using the personal version of Outlook Online where you can save to OneDrive in one click!  Come on Microsoft you’ve done such a great job with Office 365 for business and this save to OneDrive in one click would be very useful addition.

We’ll keep an eye on this for everyone so be sure to check our  blogs for updated news.