Think about the value your business data has to your organization.  It lives in financial, retail, manufacturing, customer relationship management and medical systems.  It’s scattered across spreadsheets, documents, images, video and just about every type of file format imaginable. It contains customer, patient and product information.  It’s in the correspondence you have with your customers, clients, patients and employees.

Your business data is the most valuable asset you have.  Now imagine a catastrophic hardware failure or flood and all this business data is gone.  This includes the local backup you have stored on-site that is now washed away.

GitoTech Managed Backup Services protect your most valuable asset – your business data!  Data is backed up off-site and safely secured and recoverable giving you peace of mind.

Our backup services engineers will partner with you on:

  • Identifying priority data to backup
  • Implement a data backup and retention schedule
  • Automate a continuous backup process
  • Implement data encryption on sensitive data
  • Monitor your backups
  • Work with you on data recovery
  • Assist you with developing a business continuity plan

We are pleased to be your information technology partner and look forward to working with you. To schedule an introductory visit, call or online meeting please contact us today.