Premium Website Special

We’ve made it easier than ever to have a Custom WordPress Website with business class hosting and a fully managed service on a convenient monthly payment plan.  This is not a mass produced site but a custom designed and mobile responsive website that you own.  After 12 months you own a Custom WordPress Website valued at over $3000 dollars and can continue hosting with GitoTech on one of our business class hosting plans.  Sign up today and our developers will immediately start building your website and putting your brand to work on the web.

Home Managed IT Plan

We’ve extended our Business Managed IT Plan to your home.  Have you ever tried contacting technical support about a technology issue?  We’ve taken the frustration out of these calls and can remotely support the technology in your home.  We have outstanding technology for remote control and remote eyes with our SEE IT technology.  No contracts, a simple monthly payment and you have a team of engineers available for help when you need it most.

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Premium Website Special

$100.00 / month for 12 months

Custom developed Wordpress website and a 10 month subscription to our business class web hosting Silver Service Level.


Gitotech is pleased to announce our Premium Website Special.  A custom developed WordPress website with a responsive design offering  incredible views on computers, tablets & phones.  We use state-of-the-art technology and a framework that allows you to modify the look, feel and content of your website.  Our developers are with you every step of the way!  This truly is a custom Website and not a proprietary mass produced site.

Our website special will spread the development cost across 10 monthly payments of $100 dollars.  A convenient way to pay for a custom developed WordPress website, that you own, with a tremendous cost savings to you.

This special includes 10 months of Business Web Hosting at our Silver Service Level, (our most popular) priced at $50 per month.  Our hosting is built to run your WordPress website and unmatched in terms of performance, security and availability.  Monitored 24/7/365 with  Gitotech hassle-free WordPress support keeping your software up-to-date and secure.

At the end of 12 months, continue to host with GitoTech on our Silver plan, upgrade to Gold or for those comfortable managing WordPress select our Bronze plan.

Home Managed IT Plan

$40.00 / month

Enter the number of computers to be covered in the plan.  Each computer license covers a mobile phone & tablet.



We’re really excited about this plan.  We’ve taken our Managed IT plan for business and combined it with our remote hourly Support Now plan.  The result is our new monthly Home Managed IT support plan for your home.

Using state-of-the art remote technology we can support your computers, mobile devices and phones.  With SEE IT GitoTech can visually inspect anything by having you share your on-device camera with us.  Your mobile device becomes a remote set of eyes.  We can visually inspect anything you need assistance with from internet issues to assistance configuring your smart tv, gaming station and more.  You now have an IT company here to assist you with your technology needs.

Don’t worry we’ll only have remote eyes during an active remote session.  Powered by Citrix GoToAssit, SEE IT is safe and secure to use.